The Amazing Benefits of Autopagy

Just What is Autophagy?

Autophagy, pronounced [aw-tofuh-jee], is basically the way your body replaces old and worn out cells and parts of cells.  Our cells were not meant to live forever, the body has a mechanism that tells cells when to die that is called apoptosis. Even before that, cells use autophagy to repair individual parts.  Autophagy is important to us because, we, naturally want to live longer and healthier, with fewer signs of aging.

In 2016, the Nobel Prize was awarded to a scientist who devoted much of his life to the study of autophagy. (Yoshinori Ohsumi).

The process of autophagy controls important physiological functions where cellular components need to be degraded and recycled. Autophagy can rapidly provide fuel for energy and building blocks for renewal of cellular components and is therefore essential for the cellular response to starvation and other types of stress. After infection, autophagy can eliminate invading intracellular bacteria and viruses. Autophagy contributes to embryo development and cell differentiation. Cells also use autophagy to eliminate damaged proteins and organelles, a quality control mechanism that are critical for counteracting the negative consequences of aging.

Disrupted autophagy has been linked to Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes and other disorders that appear in the elderly. Mutations in autophagy genes can cause genetic disease. Disturbances in the autophagic machinery have also been linked to cancer. Intense research is now ongoing to develop drugs that can target autophagy in various diseases.

Autophagy is known to play a key role in the aging process and in regards to our health in general. By removing toxins from cells and the body, autophagy can help prevent and manage numerous degenerative diseases which can be caused by the accumulation of damaging substances within the body. For example, Parkinson’s disease is known to be caused by a build-up of various proteins and protein waste products in the neuronal cells that control our motor movement, preventing these cells from functioning correctly. Recent research on Parkinson’s has revealed the disruption of the autophagy pathways as being involved in the inception and development of the disease

Similarly, many of the signs of aging, such as wrinkles, higher risk of cancer and even hearing problems have been associated with a reduction in the body’s ability to undergo autophagy.

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The detox world is a wild west of misinformation and mistruths. Too many people are trying to sell you something, regardless of whether it works and whether you need it. Pseudoscience and intuition also corrupt and overpower meaningful findings. However, behind all the false information, it appears that there are numerous benefits to detoxing and practical ways to achieve these benefits. Through autophagy, you can encourage your body to detox itself and this can be stimulated through exercise, eating certain foods and fasting. You can also help detox yourself by avoiding exposure to toxins, making healthy changes, favoring organic foods and more.

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