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What does it mean when people say they are doing 18:6, 16:8, OMAD, ETC?

There are several different fasting methods, actually it can be customized for you.  A 18:6 fasting style means that you fast for 18 hours and have a feeding window of 6 hours.  A 16:8 fasting style means that you fast for 16 hours and have a feeding window of 8 hours.  During your feeding window, you decide how many meals you want to squeeze in.  You can have 1 or 3 meals, a snack and a full meal, etc. Customize it to what works for you.

When some says they are doing OMAD, it means they are eating only one meal a day. and fasting the rest of the time.  That could be basically a 23:1 or 23 hours fasting with a 1 hour feeding window.

The main thing to remember is that during your fasting period, you want your body to get into ketosis or fat burning mode.  I’ve read that may take up to 16 hours.  So any fasting hours after 16, you are probably burning fat from your body.  If you eat reasonably during your feeding hours, you will have a caloric deficit and will lose weight and burn fat.

How do I count my fasting hours, when does my fast begin and end?

The  Fast starts when you stop eating.  For instance, if you finished eating dinner at 6pm, then you start counting your hours from 6pm.  Thus a 24 hour fast would be from 6:pm one day until you eat again beginning at 6pm the next day.

What fluids can I have when fasting?

For a true water fast, liquids are limited to water, black coffee, tea (unsweetened).  No juice or sweeteners allowed.  Dr. Fung says that diet drinks are too unhealthy and so advises against drinking them although many fasters do drink zero calorie sodas as well as some of the flavored waters. You can use lemon in your water or tea also.  Generally, when adding milk, heavy cream, coconut oil to your coffee or tea, if it is less than 50 calories, your body should remain in a fasted state unless you overdo it. Drinking a cup of homemade bone broth properly prepared is another option.  The bone broth can help with hunger pains and replacement of nutrients needed on an extended fast. Here’s a simple recipe on the dietdoctor.com website.

People insist that Fasting will lower my metabolism?

This is not true with a properly planned fast.  Dr. Fung addresses this in this article, and this video.


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