Monthly Archives: June 2017

Intermittent Fasting and our Brains

The Future of our Brains I’m sure that a fear many of us may have is that in our old age, we will begin to have issues with our brain functions. The thought of losing my memory, even to the point I do not recognize my family members is a very scary one. And even …

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July WeFast Support Group Meeting, Thursday July 20, 2017

June (WIFS – Arkansas) Group Meeting Set Our support group meeting for July is set for Thursday, Jul6 20, 2017.  We will once again meet at 8:00 am at Duffers’ Cafe in Bella Vista.  I’m hoping we will have a good group this time to learn and share with each other.  I know that I’m …

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The Dangers of Sugar!

Yes, Sugar is Definitely My Enemy! As a type 2 Diabetic, I have long known that sugar is my enemy.  Sugar is not good for me and raises my blood glucose level hugely.  I checked my BGL this morning and it was 444.  I ate a cookie last night, had rolls with dinner and an …

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